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Content Strategy



Total Emphasis can work directly with you to complete the entire project or serve as a valuable resource as part of a larger team responsible for creating and executing a cross-platform content strategy. We are also the content strategy provider of record for several leading agencies across disciplines. 

We apply a proprietary methodology to our work, utilizing our background in leading large publications and client service teams at leading agencies, to methodically build a foundation on which the comprehensive content strategy sits. 


We take the appropriate amount of time to get each stage correct so your content strategy is fit-for-purpose, sustainable, and customized for your business and audience.

How We Do It


Blue Sky Planning

At the onset, we carve out space to talk with the key project leaders about their biggest goals and dreams for their content. During this phase, we review any key documents (e.g., brand guides and company mission and values) to see where alignment and disagreement occur. We then interview executives one-on-one for their unvarnished opinions.



We do a deep dive into your existing assets and compare them to your competitors and companies whose content strategy you admire. We learn what they're doing well, where you need to meet them head on and where you can zig while they zag,


Sense Check

Before we go and create the strategy, we ensure we’ve captured everything accurately, and allow you to course correct or explore a different pathway. There’s no point in proceeding with outdated information if something has changed or if our multi-faceted discussions have unlocked a new approach.


Identify messages

Align your specific objectives for your organization and your content and tie to them the most resonant messages.


Platforms and Distribution

Create specific top-level concepts that will govern much of the specific tentpoles and individual pieces of content that follow.  

Identify which audiences you want to reach, what motivates them, and how best to reach them.


Sample Content Calendar

Identify in which platforms it makes sense for the brand to play and how to atomize and recontextualize the source content across those platforms

Showing what real content would look like, mapped to timelines and objectives.  

Let’s Work Together

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